Promoting Cognitive Developments

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LASA 1 Promoting Cognitive Developments
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LASA 1 Promoting Cognitive Developments
A good understanding of how children grow, learn, and change is significant as it allows people to accept and appreciate the cognitive, physical, emotional, educational, and social growth that kids undergo from birth through early adulthood.
Piaget is well known for her cognitive developmental theory that sees the kid cognitive development and knowledge, as taking place in different stages. According to his theory, he claims that the child passes through four unique stages of development; Sensorimotor stage (0- 2 years), pre-operational stage (2- 7years), concrete operational period (7-11 years), and formal operations (11-15) years (Herzog et al, 1997). According to him, reasoning in kids deepens as they continue to grow. Their engagement in the social and physical world improves development and all other changes that occur via assimilation and accommodation (Kenpro, 2010).
Skinner‘s theory deals with behaviorism in children. His theory explains that a child’s behavior can become increased by the presence of reinforces and declined via punishment. According to this theory imitation or observational learning can greatly improve the chance that the child will learn or develop new behaviors. According to skinner a child’s development is way outside of their influence, but becomes shaped by the environmental stimuli (Herzog et al, 1997).
According to Vygotsky, he looks at child development as a social constructivism, where development becomes determined by culture. There are different reasons similar to social constructivism. First and foremost the culture of the child influences the language, activities, and education to where the kids become exposed. These variables always affect the kid’s development.…...