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Advertising Project
MKTG 3140-M50
Anthony McCants Jr.

Section I. Toys R Us is the biggest name in retail when it comes to toys and children entertainment. Founded in 1948, Charles Lazarus at the age of twenty-five made his dream of cultivating a child-oriented company into a reality. Of course this plan did not come to mind of night, Lazarus started off with having his very own baby furniture stores, Children’s Bargain Town, in Washington D.C. to aid to the post-war baby boom era. Over time Lazarus was always searching new ways to satisfy customers and reel in new customers as well. He introduced infant products and toys for older children into his store’s growing product variety. Years later Lazarus inherited the supermarket presentation for his store, this allowed customers to fully examine and search out products on their own accord. His second store with the legendary name Toys “R” Us, what caught the eyes of consumers was the backward “R” in the name. Of course it was criticized due to is insane grammatical error; however Lazarus new he was on to something huge. The goal was to create an environment where kids could feel at home as they shop for the things they desire, to bring out the kid in everyone who stepped through the door. This vison inspired the slogan founded in 196, “I Don’t Want to Grow Up, I’m a Toys “R” Us Kid”. In 1983, the company decided to take action and introduce Kids “R” Us, it held the same concept as Toys “R” Us, except with children’s clothing apparel. This idea surpassed expectations completely. In fact, sales were doing so great at one point that apparel earned its own sections in all Toys “R” Us stores. In 2003, the company closed all Kids “R” Us stores, they remained loyal to the apparel sales and continued to sell a wide variety of name-brand designer and private label children clothing in their toy stores. In 1996, sales…...

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