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Toyota Motor

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Toyota Motor Corporation

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Toyota Motor Corporation
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Toyota Motor Corporation
Company Overview

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota or "the company") is one of the leading auto manufacturers in the world. It is engaged in the manufacture and sale of motor vehicles. Toyota sells its vehicles in more than 170 countries and regions worldwide. The company has operations in Japan, North America,
Europe and Asia. It is headquartered in Toyota City, Japan and employed 338,875 people as of
March 31, 2014.
The company recorded revenues of JPY25,691,911 million ($256,919.1 million) during the financial year ended March 2014 (FY2014), an increase of 16.4% over FY2013. The operating profit of the company was JPY2,292,112 million ($22,921.1 million) in FY2014, an increase of 73.5% over
FY2013. The net profit of the company was JPY1,823,119 million ($18,231.2 million) in FY2014, an increase of 89.5% over FY2013.

Head Office

Toyota Motor Corporation
1 Toyota-cho
Toyota City
Aichi Prefecture 471 8571


81 565 28 2121


81 565 23 5721

Web Address

Revenue / turnover 25,691,911.0
(JPY Mn)
Financial Year End


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