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Kia Thunder Rewards Zone

The traditional promotion mix has four components: Advertising, Publicity, Sales promotions, and Personal selling. These four components are used together by a company to market their materials. The success of utilizing the promotion mix well can make or break a company’s promotional campaign. Although all components play a part in the campaign, one or another component may be used more extensively depending on the product or material being marketed.
Living in Oklahoma for 12 years now, I have become pretty familiar with the sporting events and local teams. In 2008, the Seattle Supersonics were sold to Clay Bennett and then moved to Oklahoma City with a new name: Thunder. Since the move, the Thunder has become one of the more popular teams around the NBA and their fans fill the stadium almost every home game. Selling tickets to a Thunder home game is not a hard task but the promotion staff still comes up with ways to entice the public. An ongoing promotion the Thunder does before every home game is the Kia Thunder Rewards Zone.
Kia is sponsoring the Kia Thunder Rewards Zone which allows 200 seats to be given away and sold to 100 lucky customers before every home game. This is a great promotion because every home game, even against the Lakers, Heat, Celtics, etc. will have the giveaway. Regardless if the game is sold out or not, fans can come to the arena up to 3 hours before the game and register for a pair of tickets.
The promotion works by allowing fans to register at the arena 3 hours before tipoff. There is no penalty for first or last in line and the registration will go until 1 hour before tipoff. At that point, 50 lucky winners will win a pair of tickets to the game while another 50 people will have the opportunity to buy 2 tickets at face value ($10 per ticket). Although not free, being given the…...