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Promotional and Legel

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Promotional & Legal
Task 1: Apple & Sony

Purpose of the Promotion Mix

The purpose and objectives of the promotion mix. Apple and Sony’s purpose of using the promotion mix is to blend different methods and tools of communication you use in presenting your company, products or services to target customers. Effective promotion is a key component of the marketing mix, as it is the element that helps you attract customers, persuade them to buy, and generate loyalty.

Objectives of the Promotion Mix
The types of methods and tactics you use in your promotion mix normally correlate with your communication objectives. New companies typically use promotion to create awareness about their company or products. Once a company or product is established, much of promotion centers on promoting strong benefits and value to target customers. Motivating buyer intent and maintaining connections with loyal customers are ongoing activities for accomplished brands.
Promotional Mix

Apple and Sony do not really use sales promotions; this is due to most of their sales coming from phone networks. Therefore, the phone networks that the company’s supply to, such as Vodafone and EE, these are the company’s that will been seen to use sales promotions, mainly at a release of a product or at a products decline.

Apple use the promotional mix strongly. They use and try to manage each of its elements which are; advertising, personal selling, public relations, direct marketing and sales promotion. Apple release and have released many adverts within the past, their true focus is not just about the product, but also to advertise all all their services that they offer to their customers. Apples competitors such as Samsung, HTC and Sony also release a lot of adverts promoting their products. The main difference between Apple and Sony is that Apple advertises their product and...

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