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Marijuana is a threat to our future , it can cause health problems the older you get in life so stop the use of marijuana. That’s why I never had an experience using drugs because I know that drugs are bad and it cause a tremendous health issue to you body and can actually cause deaths and thats an issue in America still in these years.I heard about marijuana but never touched it or smoked it but i have smelled it because in the middle of the night right next to a store I smelled something very odd around that parking lot and it was marijuana in the middle of the driveway that was turned on but got dumped in the street.That is a problem in our society but when will it stop? I believe that prop 19 should not pass because so many young teens …show more content…
Well it can because they can develop bad brain development for young aged teens. Thats a bad thing to hear but luckily we can stop it from being legal therefore we can stop the drug abuse for young teens. By what David G. Evans coment said, “Marijuana use can permanently impair brain development.” That means you will visit the hospital various of times in your lifetime if you use marijuana. Interviewed high schoolers said that they used marijuana more than other students who taken several alcohol and thats a problem for the future user who want to take marijuana. If prop 19 passes then marijuana will have more users and people will drive high in the streets therefore it will be an unsafe environment. For instance in the article , “Against 19” it states that 13 percent of high schoolers said that they have used marijuana before driving in that case that is a great problem in our society. If marijuana is legal then that means more unsafe roads and it will cause a tremendous increase of deaths in our world.There would be an increase of users in places around the world so can we stop this insanity for young teens in the future. Vote no on prop 19 for a brighter future for newer generations. Within the article of David G. Evans, “legalization will cause a tremendous increase of marijuana.Based on the

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