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Proper Hand and Nail Care

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2 mins3 mins 30 secs2 mins | IntroductionMake this exercise fun and interactive as possible. Divide the learners into 2 teams. 1 team will be given a set of artificial fingernail tips to wear along with instructions on how to put them on and the other team of learners will not be given artificial fingernail tips. Give both groups bowls of flour and water and instruct them to make small balls of dough with these materials. Do not allow the first group to remove their fingernail tips and do not allow the learners to leave the area and/or wash their hands until they have completed the exercise. Once the balls of dough have been created, allow the learners in team 1 to remove their fingernail tips and then wash their hands. Collect unwashed nail tips and dough samples and tell learners you will explain the results of this activity at the end of the lecture. Video: INFECTION. Don’t be the one to pass it on * For germs to enter our bodies to cause disease and infection, they must pass through a portal of entry, whether it is an eye, ear, nose, mouth, cut, incision or any other bodily orifice * As we saw in the video, when germs enter through these portals they mostly come from our fingertips when we eat, scratch, or blow our nose, and not from the back of our hands or palms. * Nails trap all sorts of germs and debris, and these germs mostly reside under the nails.OpeningFingernail length self-test * Hold your hand up with your palm facing towards you * Can you see the fingernail extending over the top of your finger? * If so, it is too long for optimum hand hygiene and safe patient careQuestionsRaise your hand if: * you are currently wearing nail polish * your nail polish has been worn for more than 4 days and starting to chip * you are wearing artificial acrylic fingernail tips or nail extenders * you are wearing any earrings or rings * you have...

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Stage 1 Ifsm 300 and customer relations. New business within the area could potentially take clients away from UMUC Haircuts without proper change. Concerns UMUC Haircuts has a steady customer return with scheduled appointments and many walk-ins. Due to scheduling conflicts with part-time employees the walk-in clients are often turned away. These clients can then go to one of the hair care places in the local area and this issue will dramatically increase once a the new Hair Cuttery opens up potentially taking clients away. Inventory management is non-existent with employees using supplies when needed and orders only happening on a “remembered” basis. If inventory of hair care supplies is depleted, employees will not be able to satisfy the consumer thus ensuring their return. Supply chain management is also in need of assistance. Due to UMUC Haircuts sporadic ordering habits and often under pressure orders, the lowest price is not always attained. UMUC Haircuts has no marketing plan in place and customer’s information is not recorded and no promotional offers happen. This too could potentially hurt a growing business. The business is trying to grow by adding a nail salon in the future. Five force analysis *Intensity of Competition/Rivalry – Hair Salons in the local area already provide the same services UMUC Haircuts offers. Currently, there is a nail salon directly across the street. *Threat of new...

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