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Research Project Proposal & Annoted Bibliography
I. Guiding Questions:
a. What topic/issue do you plan to research?
“Trafficking in Women”
b. Why did you choose this particular topic?
Today, we can read and watch lots of news from the press about inequalities between men and women, the factors which shape women's choices and how they enter the trafficking situation. For this reason, I want to explore the factors that make women vulnerable to sex trafficking, and emphasize the value of being a women with the view how women should be equal as men in every part of life.
c. What about this topic interests you?
It is very abrasive that men see women as invaluable things and make money on their lives. As a woman, I never want to live my life like these women and I cannot be unconcerned with this injustice.
d. Why is this topic important and how does this relate to the course content?
This topic is related to our course’s content; directly women’s rights and generally human rights in the UDHR.
e. What type of information do you hope to learn from this project?
I supposed to learn about general terms of family structure, fundamental human rights about privacy, the aim of all abuses from the experiences, and the point of view about women’s value throughout world. I really wonder the focus-on this subject in world press, also I want to learn the punishment implementations and the legal precautions for trafficking in different countries.
f. What aspects of this topic are researchable? And why are they researchable?
The concepts of trafficking, enforcement, inequality, the factors that force women to this way, and the impacts on women lives of all these negative things can be researchable because this exploitation is very prevalent throughout world.
II. Hypothesis:
a. Statement of Opinion
Under the definition of…...