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How are research proposals different and similar to business proposals? “A research proposal addresses a particular project: academic or scientific research… Research proposals contain extensive literature reviews and must offer convincing support of need for the research study being proposed.” ( )“A business proposal is a written scheme from a seller to a prospective customer. The main purpose is to fulfill the requirements of a client.” ( ) There are many differences and similarities between formal research proposals and business proposals.

The first of these similarities and differences is found in the proposal goals. In a business proposal, the goals are often found in the proposal's overview section or basic proposal introduction. A formal research proposal differs from a business proposal because it often focuses on finding information or data that will help the business make better decisions. Most times business proposals suggest new products or services, with a goal to make money for the business. Formal research proposals have more of a theoretical approach, and business proposals have a practical approach as far as things to do to make money.

Another thing to consider when comparing the two proposals is the content located within the formal research and business proposal sections. Both of these proposals share the similarity of the introduction and conclusion, but the other sections within them are different. A formal research report has a research methods section that explains how the information and data is found, while a business proposal may not have a methods used section. The goal of a business proposal is to suggest a product, after the research methods have been conducted. A formal research proposal may provide how much the research will cost, while the business report will include a budget that will allow the company to...

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