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Proposal to Board of Directors

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Proposal to Board of Directors

A Little Cup of Joe

Introduction to the Proposal’s Purpose and Content
A Little Cup of Joe Corporation is a medium-sized manufacturing company with 250 employees. It directly markets one product: a unique coffee cup with a patented ball bearing sliding mechanism. Nathan Jr. and a group of 10 other executives run the company.
A Little Cup of Joe Corporation has received a large sum of money from a venture capitalist. The venture capitalist and Nathan Jr. are predicting 100 percent growth in five years. To achieve that growth, productivity will need to increase at a similar rate. Therefore, this proposal provides a suggested business model update. Further, the functional areas updates are indicated to assist the business model to predict, plan, and implement future growth and profits.
In this proposal, the problem of the outdated business model and functional areas is addressed with new ideas and new employees to implement them. The 100 percent growth projection in five years can become a reality with the managers’ ideas about these questions:

Executive Summaries

The Accounting and Finance Area is one of the main parts of A Little Cup of Joe. Having A Little Cup of Joe accounting in top shape all year round will help the business function smoothly and provide grounds for sound and promising business decisions. By accomplishing this A Little Cup of Joe will hiring experience and ethical accounting team members. Each team member will adhere to A Little Cup of Joe’s code of ethics including Professional ethics and making sure the data provided to the stakeholders is accurate. A Little Cup of Joe will keep the accounting software up to date due to the ever changing accounting laws and growth of the company. A Little Cup of Joe is a small company that runs on ethical standards and principles that are explained in The Code of Ethics that each employee of the business will follow on a daily basis. Each Functional Area of the corporation, including the Human Resources Functional Area will follow and demonstrate the five main values of the business to other levels of employees. These values include Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Trust, and Excellence. The Human Resources Functional Area will face many challenges throughout the life of A Little Cup of Joe and will tackle them head on to the best of their ability and will ask for assistance if needed from other Functional Areas of the company. Job duties are very diverse in the Human Resources Functional Area and there are several opportunities for employees to be promoted to higher positions if proven worthy. Several public resources are available to the Human Resources Functional Area of A Little Cup of Joe to use as a reference for any issues that arise that are unexpected so that A Little Cup of Joe can operate very smoothly over the course of the company’s lifetime. The Marketing and Sales group of A Little Cup of Joe fosters sound information on the coffee market and has a significant amount of knowledge on common features of esteem and faithful patrons. Our team will utilizes this information to determine our demographic, their needs, and how to best to connect with them. To meet the marketing needs our S&M (Sales and Marketing) team will strategize to decide how to best to meet the needs of our consumer through aids of provide adequate menu choices, sufficient accessibility for the consumer with limited wait times, 5 star customer service and competitive pricing .Our S&M group will conduct monthly research on marketing trends to determine our target consumer. Market analyst on the team will track the stream of sales from profit to losses. In conjunction to researching the trend our group will also review the growth of the market. The Sale Manager and team will oversee the increase or decrease demand on the company’s product. The Production and Operation functional area will require 200 new employees in the expansion of our company. We will reduce the cost by expanding the production area in to the receiving and shipping area of our factory. Our plan to lease a nearby warehouse will save the company the cost of building on the additional space needed, relocating or building a new facility. We have developed a sound business strategy with Human Resource, Sales and Marketing and Finance to ensure effective and efficient processes and decisions. We will implement a research and development team to push the company to the next level of success.

Functional Area Plan: Accounting and Finance

Member of A Little Cup of Joe

The Functional Area of Accounting and Finance primary functions are recording keeping, which include budgets, costs, revenues and expenses to support A Little Cup of Joe. The Accounting and Finance Functional Area also supports other departments in the structure to ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet ongoing operation and capital investment requirements. The principal accountabilities are broken down sections and each section has it duties and responsibility. New ideas for updating the Accounting and Finance functional area:
As the company grows keeping the accounting software and tools up to date. Making sure the team members in the Accounting and Finance department are provided up to date training due to the every changing laws in accounting and finance. Job titles, descriptions, and skills of Accounting and Finance functional area employees:
Controller Group
Common job titles are Group Financial Controller, Financial Control Officer, Accounts Supervisor, Bookkeeper, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and Chief Accounting Officer. The controller group maintains a company’s books and ensures that all business transactions are properly recorded and managed. The general ledger is the main source for all of the company’s financial reports, so it is important that the financial controller and other staff accountants keep an organized record of all credits and debits. The controller group also performs tasks such as cost accounting and fixed assets accounting.
Accounts Payable & Receivable (AP/AR)
Common job titles are Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Clerk, Accounting Technician, Accounting Clerk, Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Specialist, Billing Specialist, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Supervisor. The AP group, simply put, manages and pays all of the company’s bills. They are responsible for keeping the lights on and ensuring that all creditors and vendors are paid in full and on time. The AR group manages and accepts all incoming payments from customers and purchasers and monitors lines of credit. Budgeting & Forecasting
Common job titles are Financial Analyst, Data Analyst, Cost Engineer, Manager of Budgeting and Forecasting, Budget and Forecast Analyst, Budget and Forecast Accountant, Controller. The budgeting and forecasting group produces and assesses the budget, calculating the variance between planned and actual costs. They also forecast the revenue and expenses of certain groups or functions, allowing budget 'owners' to plan and prioritize spending. The forecasting group also produces 'what if' scenarios in order to be prepared for a variety of possibilities. Payroll
Common job titles are Payroll Coordinator, Payroll Specialist, Payroll Manager, Payroll System Administrator, and Payroll Officer. The payroll group, which is commonly outsourced or carried out within the HR group, is responsible for the administration and documentation of all salaries, wages, bonuses and deductions (payroll tax, social security) received by employees.

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