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Proposal Content Instructions
A. Letter of intent (limit one page)

Using the responses to the questions below, build a letter of intent to the funder. The ideal way to write the letter is to follow this format: opening, background, problem statement, proposed solution, and closing. Note that the questions below follow this format.

1. What is the purpose of this letter of intent? Whom is it being sent to, and what is the fit?
2. What year was our organization founded? What year was it incorporated?
3. What is the mission of our organization?
4. What are the long-term goals for our organization?
5. What programs do we provide that support these goals?
6. What community need are we seeking funding to address?
7. In our opinion, how is this need related to our programs, long-term goals, and mission?
8. What do we propose to do about this need?
9. What outcome do we anticipate after the first year of funding?
10. What is the total cost of our proposed idea for the first year, or multiple years if we plan to request multiple-year funding? How much do we want from this funder?
11. Who is contacting the funder to determine its interest and when? Whom must the funder contact for more information?

B. Cover letter (limit one page)

1. The organization making the request
2. The support of the board of directors for the project
3. The specific financial request being made

C. Title page (Please use this information to create a one-page cover sheet)

Organization Name: ____________________________________________________________
Proposal Writers: ______________________________________________________________
Tax exempt status: ________________ Year organization was founded: __________________
Date of application: _____________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
Telephone number: _________________________ Fax number: _______________________
Director: ____________________________________________________________________
Contact person’s name and title (if not director): _____________________________________
Type of request (general support, start-up, technical assistance, etc.): ____________________
Project title (if project funding is requested): _________________________________________
Total project budget (if request is for other than general support): ________________________
Total organizational budget (current year):___________________________________________
Starting date of fiscal year: ____________________
Summarize the organization’s mission (two to three sentences): _________________________
Summary of project or grant request (two to three sentences): __________________________

D. Summary (limit one-half page)

1. Who is your organization, and what is its mission?
2. What is the proposed project? Name the title, purpose, target population?
3. Why is the proposed project important?
4. What is accomplished by this project during the time period of the grant?
5. Why must your organization do this project? Write a credibility statement?
6. How much does the project cost during the grant time period? How much is being requested from this funder?

E. Organization statement and background (limit two pages)

1. Briefly describe your organization’s history and major accomplishments.

2. Describe your current programs and activities.

3. Who is your constituency? Be specific about demographics, such as race, class, gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, and people with disabilities. How is the constituency actively involved in your work and how do they benefit from this program or your organization?

4. If you are a grassroots group, describe your community. If you are a state, regional or national organization, describe your work with local groups, if applicable and how other regional and/or national organizations are involved.

F. Community assessment process and needs/problem statement (limit three pages)

1. Problem statement: what problems, needs, or issues does it address?
2. Who is in need? Examples include people, animals, and plants.
3. Where are they?
4. When is the need evident?
5. What is the need?
6. Why does this need occur?
7. What evidence do you have to support your claim?
8. What are the consequences of meeting the need?
9. How is the need linked to your organization?

G. Program design and timeline (limit four pages)

1. Describe the program for which you seek funding, why you decided to pursue this project, and whether it is a new or ongoing part of your organization.

2. What are the goals, objectives and activities or strategies involved in this request? Describe your specific activities/strategies using a timeline over the course of this request.

3. Who is involved in carrying out the plans outlined in this request? Include a brief paragraph summarizing the qualifications of key individuals involved.

4. How are participants selected? This question is not applicable to some projects.

5. How does your work promote diversity and address inequality, oppression, and discrimination within your organization as well as the larger society?

6. Describe the systemic or social change you are trying to achieve: How does your work address and change the underlying or root causes of the problem?

H. Goals and objectives (limit one page per goal; limit of two goals and three objectives each)

Goal 1:

Objectives: 1. 2. 3.

Goal 2:

Objectives: 1. 2. 3.

I. Program evaluation criteria (limit one page)

1. Briefly describe your plan for evaluating the success of the project and/or your organization’s work. What questions are addressed? Who is involved in evaluating this work—staff, board, constituents, community, consultants? How are the evaluation results used?

2. How do you determine if your plan’s methodology is the correct one to solve the problem as it was previously presented in the funding proposal?

3. What are the specific evaluation plans and time frames?

a. What kinds of data are collected?
b. At what points?
c. Using what strategies or instruments?
d. Using what comparison group or baseline, if any?

4. What procedures do you use to determine whether the program was implemented as planned?

5. Who conducts the evaluation?

6. Who receives the reports?

7. How are you defining success for this program or project?

J. Budget

Use this format to present your funding request budget. Be sure to account for all aspects of your proposed program.

Item: Source:
Salaries & Wages Government Grants & Contracts
(break down by individual position) Foundations (specify)
Fringe Benefits & Payroll Taxes:
(estimated at 20%) Corporations Consultants & Professional Fees Religious Institutions
Equipment Individual Contributions:
(itemize general categories) Fundraising Events: Training Membership Income:
Printing & Copying
Telephone & Fax In-Kind Support:
Rent & Utilities Other (specify)
Other (specify)


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