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Proposal for Qingyuan Fast Food Restaurant Opening Project

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Proposal for Qingyuan Fast Food Restaurant Opening Project

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Mr. Jason Lee ( Qishuan Li) Director
Xiang Zhou Branch Office
China Construction Bank

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Table of contents
Executive Summary 2
Introduction 3
Proposal 3
Findings 3 Strength 4 Opportunities 4 New Premises 4 Services 5 Facilities 5 Cost Breakdown 5 Benefits 6 Schedule 8 Risks and Management Plans 8
Conclusion 10
Appendixes 10
The analysis of the business 10
Customer Profiles 11
Focus Groups 11
SWOT Analysis 12 Strengths 12 Weaknesses 12 Opportunities 13 Threats 13
SMART Analysis 13
Action Plan 14
Activity Flow Chart 16
Project Costs 16
Stakeholder Analysis 17
Risk Analysis and Management Plan 18
The Project Framework 19

Executive Summary

Chinese people attach great importance to “eating”. We can know it by the saying “Bread is the staff of life”. China's dishes highly stress on its color, aroma, taste, shape and meaning. As a result, many Chinese come to overseas and make their living by opening restaurants, which has become the fundamental settlement in the world. Similarly, opening various styles of restaurants in the domestic cities of the appropriate location is a great business opportunity. Based on this, a great business opportunity is to open a fast-food restaurant, named Qingyuan Fast Food Restaurant, between Southern Software Park and Zhuhai First Secondary Occupation Technical School in the Zhuhai City. There is no doubt that it has very broad prospects for development. If you ask a restaurant boss what is the most important factor for opening a restaurant, I firmly believe that he will answer “location, location and location” without hesitation. The detailed causes...

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