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“I will tell of your name to my brothers; in the midst of the congregation I will sing your praise.”

Hebrews 2:11-12

A church is a place where we go every Sunday to praise and listen to the word of God. It is a home for every Christian family to worship, to serve and to fellowship.

People come altogether and spend time at God’s Holy place. We come to make Him exalted in every shout of praises we are offering. God is delighted by His son’s adoration to Him, and we, His people want to be with Him always.

In the old testament of the Bible, the Israelites have the Ark of Covenant. The Ark of Covenant is a place where they offer sacrifices for thanksgiving, for forgiveness and for daily supplication. It was built in the time Moses, when Israelites had an escape from Egypt. The Ark of Covenant was made and built with God’s supervision. God had explained clearly everything about the details in building the Ark of Covenant. He had instructed Moses and Aaron from the materials to be used up to the people who will build it. Designing was made by God, Himself. All the details were explained clearly in the book of Exodus, on its latter part. As time passed by, the Ark of Covenant was evolved into a larger and concrete temples built by the famous kings of Israel like the wisest King of Israel,

King Solomon. God had instructed King David to collect the materials for His temple. But God did not allow King David to build the temple, for He had chosen King Solomon to do it for Him.

From the day that the Temple was built, many others came up. These become the refuge for many believers of God, the centre of moral values and learning.

When Jesus came to this world and began to preach the gospel, he had 12 disciples....

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