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Pros And Cons Of Human Testing

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Human Testing ethical?

Human testing was established to allow scientist to create medicine that is safe for mankind, and everyday products. Human testing helps scientists to study human anatomy and to understand it, for the most part. According to Juengst in “Genetic Testing and Screening”, The more you try to understand genes the more complicated it can get (Juengst 5). The author is explaining on how advanced the human body can truly be. Human testing doesn't sound that bad, right? Well what if someone told you that human testing was being demonstrated on men, women and even children, without their consent? Human testing is not only ethical but also vital to the environment and for survival.

Human testing is the study of human genetics
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The time was a very traumatic time for many jews, but one thing that happened during the time sticks out the most, his name is Josef Mengele. Josef Mengele is an infamous party during the holocaust, he spent his time in Auschwitz experimenting on the prisoners. Dr. Mengele became very intrigued in experimenting on twins. According to “Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine”, “The twins were allowed to keep their hair for the first several days of the examination. After All the living data was taken the twins would be killed by a single injection of chloroform in the heart”(Medical 1). This quote shows how dangerous human experimentation can truly be in the wrong hands. The holocaust is a perfect example on how human testing can be unethical and just plain inhumane. After this three weeks of tortuous medical examinations they were taken two the dissection laboratory. According to “Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine,“Using two doctors, each twin was simultaneously given an injection in the heart, taking their lives. They were dissected and their organs were sent to the Institute of Biological Racial and Evolutionary Research Berlin”(Medical 1). This quote is exemplifies what true horrors human testing can be in the hands of a scientist. Dr. Mengele has made many experiments on Auschwitz prisoners such as: Freezing Hypothermia,

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