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Pros and Cons on Divorce

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Pros and cons of divorce

Pros and Cons: Effects of Divorce on Children

“Research shows that about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce, the divorce rate for subsequent marriages are even higher”(, 2013). With divorce there comes pros and cons, especially if children are involved, ranging from different ages. Some people do not believe in divorce, and rather just stick it out for the children, but in some cases it is better to divorce then to stay together. Pros of a child having divorced parents is that they don’t have to hear arguments between the parents or if abusive is going on they won’t see it, they can spend more individual time with each parent, and they will feel less tension in their household. As for cons for divorce, there are plenty when children are involved. Some children may think they are the reason for the divorce, children feel like they have to choose between parents, can cause them to have issues when they get older, and the parents start dating someone new, which means the child would have to get used and adapt to that person. Whenever a child lives in a house with parents who constantly argue or are abusive to each other, it may cause stress and bring much fear to the child. Any child who sees hears or witnesses abusive, it is possible that they can pick it up. Therefore, the parents should take themselves and the child out of a situation like that, and it will take the fear and stress away from the child, causing the child to feel better and relaxed. Another upside of having divorced parents is that, it is easier for the child to spend quality time with them and get to know who each parent individually, instead of just as mom and dad. “When mommy and daddy are happy individuals, the kids will be too” (, 2013). Many children nowadays are aware of when...

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