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United States Supreme Court HURST v. FLORIDA, (2016) No. 14-7505 Anthony Madaka June 13, 2016 Lora Terrill

In the case of Hurst V. Florida 14-7505 (2016), Mr. Timothy lee Hurst was charged and convicted of First degree murder for killing his co-worker Cynthia Harrison, during a robbery of the Popeye’s restaurant where they both work. Timothy Lee Hurst was charged and convicted of first-degree murder for killing his co-worker, Cynthia Harrison, during a robbery of the Popeye’s restaurant where they both worked. He was sentenced to death and appealed. On appeal, Hurst was granted a new sentencing trial because the Supreme Court of Florida found that his counsel should have investigated and presented evidence of Hurst’s borderline intelligence and possible organic brain damage. At his new sentencing trial, Hurst was prevented from presenting mental retardation evidence as an absolute bar to the imposition of the death penalty, though he was allowed to present it as mitigating evidence. The jury again sentenced Hurst to the death penalty by a vote of seven to five, and the Supreme Court of Florida affirmed. (Oyez Today). What interested me about this case is the fact that law is very completed, with all the evidence provided that Mr. Hurst was guilty of his criminal act, the Supreme Court of Florida still went ahead and grant his appeal because they found out that his counsel should have investigated and present evidence of Hurts borderline and because Hurt was prevented from presenting mental...

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