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Prosecution Versus Defense

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Officer selection is a very detailed process. Every police department wants to recruit, select, train, and maintain the best and brightest officers possible. The job of a police officer requires an individual that can deal with stressful situations and the ability to interact with the community. The job requires quick decision-making, and good judgment. Police duties vary from writing reports to maintaining order to responding to criminal situations, all of which require critical thinking skills. Officers should possess certain traits due to the range of duties they will have to perform. These traits include physically agility, the ability to cope with difficult situations, well-developed writing skills, good communication skills, sound judgment, compassion, strong powers of observation, and the ability to both exert and respect commands of authority (Grant & Terry, 2008). The selection process begins with a set of standards that are laid out by the department in which is doing the hiring. State and local police departments are similar with minor differences. These requirements are age, height and weight, education, criminal history, and residency (Forestal, Officer. 2010). These are the basic requirements that these departments use. The age limit is a barrier in which a department gages when they feel a person is mature enough to be a police officer and the maximum age that an applicant can be. This is for the reason of the age of retirement for a police officer is a set age and if an older applicant was hired they could put a strain on the pension systems if they retired only after being on the job for a few years. The height and weight standards have changed many...

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