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Firstly I want to introduce myself. I’m E. Suvd. I graduated from Mongolian University of Science and Technology in 2006 and got my bachelor degree in an engineer of gas supply and transmission but after I acquired to specialize in engineering teacher. Now I’m the first year postgraduate student of Novosibirsk State Technical University. I study at the faculty of Humanities, at the department of Psychology and Pedagogy. In the course of my postgraduate studies I’m to take candidate examinations in Philosophy, English and the special subject. That is why I attend courses of English and Philosophy. I’m sure the knowledge of English and Philosophy will help me in my research.
I think what science can answer any question we have about the universe, while scientific research allows us to follow our interests, to learn something new, to give our problem solving skill. Therefore, learning to do scientific research is very important but hard. Every field of study has its own research problems and methods. After I got my master degree, I started to be interested scientific research. For this reason I enrolled to postgraduate course. I’m doing research in the field of pedagogy. My scientific research is devoted to the theory of value and engineering education in Mongolia. My dissertation topic is “Axiological aspect of engineering education in Mongolia”.
I was interested in this problem when I was worked in the field of engineering education and collected some documents and data to the value of engineering education in Mongolia. I suppose that my research is both of theoretical and practical importance and it will enable education sector of Mongolia and the future researchers who are interested in the same problems. The problems of education are studied by domestic and foreign researchers. The main...

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