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Prospects of Shale Gas Development in India

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A term paper by Tejal Johri (MPE1296) and Shruti Sharma (MPE1293) for Semester 1 Course: Environment and Development
Department of Policy Studies, The Energy and Resource Institute (New Delhi)

Submitted on 9th December 2012

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Executive Summary 1
Literature Review 4
Scope 6
Conclusion 10
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Executive Summary

The gradual shift of the US gas sector- from one of deficit to one of surplus has gathered appreciative appraisals from the rest of the world and initiated talks about the prospect of harnessing shale gas in other countries, as US reached the lowest CO2 emission level in the last 20 years due to shift to natural gas. It has been referred to as “the biggest energy innovation of the decade”, in light of the growing need for suitable alternatives to conventional oil and gas with increasing pressure on energy over time. 90% of global shale gas is currently produced by the US.
India meets two-thirds of its petroleum requirements by importing of fuels that include coal, and this figure is expected to rise in the future in spite of India being a coal-rich country. Even with introduction of more efficient technologies and cases of higher CO2 emission reduction, our country’s import dependence on petrol, oil and gas will significantly rise in the future, raising the pressure on the resources. This concern for energy security calls for further research in technological solutions for greater efficiency and control.
With that backdrop, India’s Integrated Energy Policy (IEP) in its policy proposal has stressed heavily on the need of the hour to explore and add to India’s energy portfolio various alternative and non-conventional sources of energy- hydro, nuclear and renewable. This will attempt to balance the demand and supply mismatch of conventional sources of energy....

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