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1612 State Street, Suite 1700
Seattle, WA 98001

August 8, 2010

District Director
Seattle Appeals Office
Internal Revenue Service
915 Second Avenue, M/S 680, Room 2790
Seattle, WA 98174

Re: Protest of Ican Wright SS No: 555-55-5555

Dear District Director:
On behalf of the taxpayer, Ican Wright, protest is hereby made to the adjustments in individual income tax deductions as set forth in March 15, 2010 30-day letter. The following information is submitted in support of this protest.


Ican Wright
55555 NE 40th Street
Redmond, WA 98051
(555) 555-5555


The taxpayer requests an appeal of the findings of the IRS to the Appeals Office.


Date of Letter: March 15, 2010
Letter 7869


Ican Wright’s Federal Individual Income Tax Return: 2009 Tax Year


Increase in adjusted gross income: $15,000.00.


The facts relevant to this federal income tax dispute fall into two primary categories: (A) the work-related travel expenses, and (B) the current procedural setting of the case.

A. Work-Related Travel Expenses

Ican Wright (“Ican”), a Washington state resident is a writer of novels. He has been writing professionally for two years and has published one novel. In 2009 Ican had income of $20,000, which was given to him as an advance on book sales for a novel. In writing the novel Ican spent three months in Florida spending 10 hours a day researching the area. With the receipts in hand he deducted $15,000 as work-related expenses on his tax return.
B. Current Procedural Setting of the Case

On or about March 15, 2010, Ican received a 30-day letter proposing adjustments to his 2009 Individual Federal Income Tax Return that...

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