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We, the faculty and staff of the School of Languages, Humanities, and Social Sciences, affirm our adherence to the beliefs here articulated.

Every student is a unique individual who possesses talents and potentials that must be honed and nurtured by the academic community.

Every student’s educability arises from his possession of an intellect that seeks the truth, and a will that pursues what is good.

Every student is influenced by family, community, and environment but is responsible for personal choices and decisions made freely.

In helping the student excel in his chosen field, we need to make them deeply aware of what it means to be human.

The SLHS exists to foster in the student a strong appreciation of his inherent dignity, and to move him to respect the same in others.

The goal of SLHS education is to cultivate the love for life-long learning. It seeks to help develop the ability of every student to distinguish what is true and what is good from the abundance of information, ideas, and thoughts that current day technology makes accessible to him. And, having done so, the student becomes disposed towards the intelligent use of his freedom.

SLHS education fortifies the student’s desire and ability for critical analysis and evaluation of circumstances and events around him by educating him on the timeless and unchanging truths about man and man’s existence. Armed with such ability, the student can therefore arrive at informed judgments and take prudent action on current relevant issues.

SLHS education instils in every student a strong sense of citizenship in his country and in the larger global community, and thus prepares him to work well in multi-cultural settings, in the service of the common good of society.

The prime duty of a teacher is to facilitate the acquisition of relevant and useful knowledge and...

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