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Case: Sony Playstation 3: Game Over?
The origins of the modern video games was the proliferation of pinball machines and jukeboxes and other games at the same style in the 1930s and 1940s
The electromechanical games were mostly based on physical activities like baseball, car racing and horse racing.
The idea for playing video games on home television sets came in September 1966 from Ralph Bear.
In 1972 the first home video game console, the Odyssey was launched whit 16 pre-programmed games and a retail price of $99
In 1972 another person realizing the commercial potential for the video games was Nolan Bushnell, and later in the 1970s, Bushnell and the company he helped to found, ATARI, would become major winners in the beginning of the game industry.
Analysis SWOT:
Strengths. - The game industry have a lot of innovation some always have a star products and a very good sales and whit a really huge market.
Weaknesses.- For me the games industry is a very competitive business because have three powerful companies Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo and whit a little advantage one company can have a victory like Microsoft when launched the xbox360 a year before the other firms and whit that could get a lot of sales.
Opportunities. - The evolution of the industry do not have limits like the wii and the kinect that this option of video games use a control that perceive the moves of the player and whit this innovation have a more and more clients of this new style of games and any company can develop a new way to play and get more market.
Threatens. - May be is a dangerous industry because even when you get innovation and development if you do not do a good research about the needs of the players and the clients you can fail like Sony whit the PS3 that they put a particular powerful chip that contain nine simultaneously working microprocessors and a...

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