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a) Promotion – Public Profiling: When the product is ready, with proper precautions for protecting competitive advantages PSAC app can increase its presence. Schemes include contributing articles to be promoted on social media such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and also Facebook. A following connecting blitz will put opinion pieces in front of recruiters, job seekers, and the investment community. Strategic Alliances: PSAC offers a product that complements the services academic institutions for athletes. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest will be used for advertising PSAC mobile app to communities and will show people different aspects of the app through links and show who on their friends list that are a part of the PSAC app’s family.
1)-Guerilla marketing will be implemented by having PSAC app just randomly posted on Instagram with clips and photos of different sport games. The link will be uploaded on Pinterest every day for users to pin to their board with links to forward them to download the app. PSAC will initiate partnerships with NCAA once they numbers are high in demand like ACC, or Big Ten. We will implement sponsorships with McDonalds for students that come out for being an All-American on the year, Top 10 students in the conference
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Photo recognition is an opt-in method available to consumers with cell phones that have cameras. Many mobile market campaigns frequently have included opt-ins that provides consumers a way to express interest in a product or promotion. Opt-ins is organized through (short message service). Consumers opt into a mobile campaign by taking a picture of a flyer or object using their mobile phone and sending it to the given address. The PSAC system automatically will recognize the photo; then PSAC system enters the consumer into the campaign or contest and sends the consumer custom-built interactive

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