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Psy 230 Checkpoint Observation

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psy 230 xCheckpoint: Observations
I use the process of unsystematic observation, as we all do every day in my life. We all may not be aware of this process, but it is utilized on an ongoing basis. I use it when I first met a new person. I am listening and interpreting the information that I will receive from them in a series of unsystematic observations. My feelings about the information that I received reveal that this is going on. We all use this type of observation process when we encounter unfamiliar situations. It is part of how we determine how we will respond in any circumstances.
I often use building theories in both my professional and my personal live. I use this process when someone is acting in a way that seems to require analysis for me to understand. I have to remind myself that their reaction and behavior may have to do with something that occurred outside of the current context, such as an argument with a friend or they may not be feeling well. I look at other sources of stress that may be affecting them unbeknownst to me. If I can determine a reasonable source for their stress, than I can be more compassionate in my own response to them and handle the situation with more grace. If they are willing to talk about their issue to me, I may be able to help defuse the situation and this may improve both their day and any of our other interactions.
Unsystematic Observation: To undertake a scientific examination of any circumstance or behavior that we have to first examine the sensory perceptions involved in this phenomenon. The beginning of our search for understanding is limited since we examine the phenomenon without looking at the information about its origin. We seek patterns, regularities in the phenomenon, so that we can arrive at a tentative first ordering or classification of what we are observing.
Building Theories: Theory...

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