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Psy 230 Week 8 Ass. Erikson Timeline

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When discussing the timeline of Erik Erikson, we will discover how he formed his theory of psychosocial developmental, along with explaining what stage my friend and I are currently in within his timeline. Erik Erikson (1902-1994) was a German born American developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst, whom formed a theory of psychosocial development on the human life cycle. Erikson’s major innovation was to take Freud’s psychosexual stages of the libido and transform them into a developmental model of psychosocial tasks, which identified eight stages of human development and their corresponding psychosocial tasks. (McAdams, 2009, "Chapter 9, Developmental Stages In Childhood ") To really determine which stage I’m currently in I had to carefully read though many stages, since the eight stages begins at the time of infancy to late adulthood, which will change within each individual and within their social world combined. After all of the reading I would say that I resign in the six stage of Erikson’s timeline Intimacy vs. Isolation (which he consider young adulthood).

I think I’m currently in the stage of young adulthood, because I’m 27 years old and have accomplished the psychosocial issues listed in Erikson fifth stage of life Identity vs. role confusion (Adolescence). Some of the main factors I have accomplished in the fifth stage includes developing my sense of self, beliefs, independence, secure about my future, fidelity, and successfully becoming an identity achiever. The central question that was posed during stage 6, young adulthood, is “How can I love”? (McAdams, 2009, p. 351). I can say that I have consciously sought the answer to my question, because I had learned the true meaning of a love relationship, from past relationships. Which has help me develop closer friendships and my intimate relationship with my partner. I can love by, committing...

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