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Psy 302 Complete Course Psy302 Complete Course

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PSY 302 Complete Course PSY302 Complete Course
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PSY 302 Module 1 Assignment 1: Autobiography * A brief paragraph introducing yourself to your classmates. Include information such as your name, location, profession, how long you have been at Argosy, and your favorite psychology course so far. * From the list below, select a topic you would like to conduct a study on. If you wish to explore a topic that is not on this list, please check with your instructor for permission. * A short discussion of the topic area, such as the meaningfulness of the topic, how the topic might be embedded within a larger conceptual framework (e.g., a topic such as how the size of the jackpot affects lottery decisions might be under the broader umbrella of risk-taking behavior), where to go to find out more when researching the topic, and how you could elaborate on a topic by looking at moderator variables or exceptions.
List of potential topics: * Media's influence on aggression * Media's influence on body image * Effective treatments for chemical dependency * Driving safety and types of distractions * The role of introversion/extraversion on marital bliss or employee performance * Suggestibility: do television ads change behavior? * Factors affecting career choice * Effect of peer pressure on conformity * Influence of music on worker productivity * Comparison of strategies for stress reduction * Factors influencing memory for events, names, and factual information * Eyewitness testimony and the misinformation effect
In your response, be sure to: * Use appropriate spelling and grammar. * Use vocabulary relevant to the...

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