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SYLLABUS & APA QUIZ (20 points)

Please read through the official syllabus, the instructor’s Policies, the APA Template (all which are posted in the Course Materials folder), and the Academic Policies statement found in the left-hand column of the Classroom Materials page, and then answer the following questions. Please post your completed quiz In the Assignments tab by 11:59pm MST on Day 5 (Saturday).

Please type your name here: JOHN LOPEZ

1. The second full sentence of the official syllabus for this course is:

Whenever there is a question about what assignments are due, please remember this syllabus is considered the ruling document.

2. To earn full participation points for any week in this class, you must post how many substantive replies to your classmates’ posts a minimum of how many days?

For full participation credit during participation weeks, student/learners are required to contribute two substantive discussion messages four days each week in the Main Forum.

3. Grade points will be deducted if your written assignments do not comply with the APA style and format illustrated in what document, that is posted in the Course Materials folder and based is on the APA Publication Manual?

The Writing & Style Guidelines (APA) - 6th edition

4. In which forum(s) can participation points be earned?

Participation points can be earned in the Main forum

5. Do your DQ responses and Weekly Summaries count towards participation points?


6. Are Wikipedia. Com (and all of it’s various manifestations),,, or allowed to be used for any of your research papers in this class?

No. These sources are not to be used as they are not academic in nature.

7. What is the maximum allowed word count for abstracts in papers written in this class?

An abstract may range from 150 to 250 words.

8. The Week Two team project is due when?

Due Day 7 (Monday): 06-03-13

9. The Week Five team project is due when?

Due Day 7 (Monday): 06-24-13

10. What will happen to a written assignment that exceeds or comes in under the specified word length for the assignment by 25% or more?

Any paper that is more than 25% longer or shorter than the required length will be rejected and not eligible for grading.

11. What percentage of available points will be deducted for any assignment, DQ answer or Weekly Summary that is posted two days late?

Assignments, original DQ answers and Weekly Summaries, not posted by 11:59 p.m. M.S.T. on the day they are due receive a 30% deduction for each day they are late. Therefore 60% will be deducted for any assignment, DQ answer or Weekly Summary that is posted two days late.

12. How many grade points can be replaced by completing extra credit projects in this class?

None; extra credit assignments are not allowed.

13. What percentage of your final grade will be dependent on your participation in main classroom discussion?

Twenty percent (20%) of your final grade will be dependent on your participation in main classroom discussion.

14. What is the procedure for earning an Incomplete in this class?

At the faculty member's discretion, a grade of Incomplete may be granted during the last week of a course provided all of the following criteria are met:

1. The faculty member determines that an Incomplete grade is appropriate under the circumstances.

2. Attendance requirements have been met for the course, and the student/learner is therefore eligible for a grade.

3. Student/learner is earning a passing grade in the course on the submitted assignments and participation at the time the Incomplete is requested.

4. Student/learner requests, in writing to the Individual Forum, a grade of Incomplete during the last week of class, prior to the course end date.

5. Student/learner and faculty enter into a written agreement posted in the student/learner’s Individual Forum containing:

a) A course completion plan;

b) A clearly identified extended course deadline not to exceed five (5) weeks from the original course end date; and

c) An acknowledgment that the final course grade will be reduced one (1) full letter grade in exchange for the extra time allowed to complete the coursework, regardless of the circumstances. Possible exceptions to the maximum time period for completion of an incomplete or to the letter grade reduction requirement are set forth in the Student/learner Catalog.

When an incomplete is agreed upon, the student/learner and faculty are required to complete the Incomplete Contract, posting the approved contract in the student’s Individual Forum for documentation. For grades of Incomplete and In Process, most work for the course has been submitted by the originally scheduled end date for the course.

15. According to the APA Template, where are the words “Running head:” to appear?

The words Running head only appear on the title page.

16. Reference list examples are listed on what page of the APA Template?

Reference list examples are listed on page 11 of the APA Template.

17. According to APA rules, how is the book title, “The Life and Times of Carpenter Ants: Building on Tradition” to appear in the reference list?

The book title, “The Life and Times of Carpenter Ants: Building on Tradition” is not listed. However, if it were listed, it would be listed as follows:

Author (Year). The Life and Times of Carpenter Ants: Building on Tradition, Publisher

18. The second through forth sentences of the section titled, “Paraphrased Material,” are what?

When an author is paraphrased, the source must be cited in the text. If a source is mentioned more than once in a paragraph, a citation must be included each time. Page or paragraph numbers are not required for paraphrased material, but the Publication Manual recommends that writers include a page or paragraph number to help the reader easily locate the information (APA, 2010, p. 171).

19. To lessen the chances of plagiarizing the work of others, the APA Template recommends, “When in doubt, ___________.”

When in doubt, cite.

20. In the APA Template, “Noun and Pronoun Agreement” refers to what?

“Noun and Pronoun Agreement” refers to using singular nouns with singular nouns, as well as using plural nouns with plural pronouns.

For example:

Johnny lost his homework (Singular)

The siblings brought their pet to the picnic (Plural)

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