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Psychological Disorders

Etiology of Psychological Disorders

Describe the following perspectives on the etiology of psychological disorders:

|Perspective |Description of Perspective |
|Biological Perspective | The approach to identifying causes of behavior that focuses on the functioning of the genes, |
| |the brain, the nervous system, and the endocrine system. |
|Learning Perspective |A process based on experience that results in a relatively permanent change in behavior or |
| |behavioral potential. |
|Cognitive Factors | The perspective on psychology that stresses human thought and the processes of knowing, such as|
| |attending, thinking, remembering, expecting, solving problems, fantasizing, and consciousness. |
|Diathesis-Stress Model | A hypothesis about the cause of certain disorders, such as schizophrenia, that suggests that |
| |genetic factors predispose an individual to a certain disorder, but that environmental stress |
| |factors must impinge in order for the potential risk to manifest itself. |
|Personality Factors | A chronic, inflexible, maladaptive pattern of perceiving, thinking, and behaving that seriously|
| |impairs an individual's ability to function in social or other settings....

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