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Psy265 Sexual Techniques

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Sexual Techniques
Sha'Tera Harris
September 15, 20011
Erica Jones

Sexual Techniques
The first form of sexual technique discussed in the text was masturbation. The text states that the purpose of masturbation is self-stimulation in the hopes of achieving sexual gratification. Next the text discusses sexual fantasies, which can be used by one or both partners in hopes to increase arousal. Finally is foreplay, which involves kissing cuddling, touching, and oral-genital contact. Kissing is not only used as a form of sexual foreplay but also as a form of personal expression. In the context of sexual technique kissing is described in two forms deep kissing and simple kissing. Simple kissing is a kiss with the mouth closed. Deep kissing is kissing when the mouth is open and the tongue into each other’s mouth. Cuddling is described as holding one another in an intimate fashion. Touching can range in form from simply holding hands to caressing a person’s erogenous areas. Lastly is oral-genital stimulation. In women the medical term for oral genital stimulation is cunnilingus, while in men the medical term is fellatio.
The roles and connections between touching, kissing, and foreplay would be when two people start kissing and touching and it leads into foreplay and later sexual intercourse. Simple kissing is when the mouth stays closed, yet when the mouth is open and the tongue is in use it is considered to be deep kissing. Touching the partner’s body and or genitals is considered foreplay. Touching, foreplay and kissing are all things that are met to lead to arousal that will later lead to sexual intercourse.
Some of the different levels and viewpoints can be very controversial when regarding masturbation. Depending on the culture a person has been raised in there are different views on if these practices should take place. An example of this would be...

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