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Psychodynamis vs Behaviourism

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The Individual and the Society
The individual and society is study of the relationship between an individual and the society and the process through which an individual learns about culture, norms and values of a society. This allows for integration and a sense of belonging. Each society has different values and norms which help to promote unity and coherence. Values are the things we regard as important, true and right. It may differ from individual to individual and also cultures and may be as a result of gender, beliefs and religion. In an African society, a male child is brought up to recognise he is a breadwinner and consequently taught the value of working hard to provide for his family, on the other hand education may be seen as wasted on a female child because she is meant to be provided for by her husband. In such a society education is not valued in females. Values change and evolve because today most societies have accepted the importance of education in both the male and female child. There are still some restrictions in some societies like in Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to freely mix with men in the work place. Some of the change in values can occur from experiences in the secondary socialisation process. The change will allow for development, growth and modernisation. For instance a traditional Muslim male takes his wife to see a doctor for checkups will insist he wants a female doctor to attend to her. With time he begins to see the gap created by not allowing a female child get an education and as such will be more open to change. Values are important things to us like ethics, human life, privacy, love, religion, honesty, justice, and fairness and so on. In Britain we value our Privacy among other values, for example in July 2011 News of the world Corporation was involved in breach of privacy laws and media ethics which led the Prime...

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