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In this study, it has been shown the relationship that stress has on not only your daily life and your body, but the tricks it can play on your mind as well. The mind and the body work together. What the mind may perceive as truth, the body will begin to act it out. Therefore, it is important that we recognize that not only can stress play tricks on our minds, but it can also be a source or a cause of disease. Stress and disease are most definitely related and can be seen working together as in previous studies. Stress can also contribute to one’s ability to make rational and wise, rather than emotional and regrettable decisions. As previously stated,” I can relate to these on both the personal and practical points of view. As, I have dealt with stress from time to time in my own life. Learning to manage it is critical.
When it comes to stress and disease, there may not at first seem to be a connection. I have heard that stress causes ulcers. Yet not many people consider ulcers as a disease, just a mere ailment. Upon reading the article published I can see how the two are related and may lead to illness. It is true that once a person is sick or has become ill, the mind takes over, and often times leads to unnecessary panic, or worry. Unnecessary panic or worry can then lead the mind (psychologically) to believe more is wrong with the person, than actually is. Making your mind believe almost anything leads me to understand the truth in this fact.
Also, the presence of stress can contribute to how decisions are made in our lives. There have been times in my life, when faced with difficult decisions, I have not always thought it completely through, but made a decision in haste based on what the expected outcome was hoped to be. This study could not be any more accurate. As people, we often want a quick fix, without the long term work. We choose high risk hoping for high rewards, rather than thinking it completely through. We do not weigh the risk. We do this all because we are put in a position where we are rushing, or we wait until the last minute, and before we know it, we are out of time or running up on a deadline.
We cannot truly eliminate stress, but there are ways to minimize the effects, as stated in both of these articles. By reducing the psychological stresses on one’s body, paying attention to the details, planning ahead, being proactive and not reactive, are all ways in which stress can be minimized or managed. By learning these simple steps, it can prolong most career paths and fields. Personally, learning to deal with stressful situations helps me deal with kids, and adults who come from stressful backgrounds, and may be dealing with their own stressful situations in life. In order to deal with others stress, you have to be able to manage your own
In life I have to have a road map on how to handle stress. I have to know how to deal with stress on a personal level, and also have a goal in mind when doing so. Being who I am, my goals revolve around my children and their children. Like many others parents around the world, I believe we are the sum total of what we aspire to be, and in order to properly prepare for the future, we must be practical about the present and diligent in its preparation. My ideal situations would include things related to, living situation, financial situation, and the relationship status of my children. Each situation presents its own unique set of challenges, yet collectively they are intertwined with each other.
The first goal is to provide a road map to show each of my children how to obtain as well as maintain their individual, yet unique living situations. In order to achieve however, there has to be an example of how that is done, and a road map to ensure the success. There has to be something in place, in order for them to have an example to see, and I have to set it for them. The challenge at this point, is even though I have set the example, I still need to secure for myself a more permanent set of living conditions. I have always provided for them a comfortable living condition. I am sure they know what that is, but the goal is to purchase their own, where I have fallen short.
The second goal would be financial security. While I have always taught, and continue to teach, my kids financial responsibility, I personally have not been as financial responsible as I could have been. I have changed jobs at a whims notice, and chased life’s uncertain advances, without the thought of the stability for the future. The challenge in the scenario is that in order to secure long term financial securities, then I have to reshape my thoughts psychologically, in this manner. One of the main reasons I am now taking this course it to reshape my thoughts and be able to provide financially for the long term for my family, as well as set the example of what it takes. Finally, is providing my kids with an example of what a stable and healthy relationship looks like. Although my wife and I have been married for 17 years, and our kids have never seen us do no more than a simple argument, often time outside forces and influences help to shape their thinking about life. The challenge is to find the right balance between parental leadership or example and parental persuasion. Ideally, you would think that they would immolate what they have been raised around, but when outside influences come into play, you never can be to sure.
The Holmes and Rahe self-assessment, the results did not surprise me. My score of 22 did not surprise me, as I try to maintain a pretty low stress life style. I am also not the type of person to generally let a lot of things I have no control over cause me undue stress. The results of the assessment show me that in order to achieve my aforementioned goals; I will need to maintain my low stress lifestyle.
When thinking about an action plan it was important to remember that my goal was to provide a road map to show each of my children how to obtain as well as maintain individual, yet unique living situations. When applying DAPPS, it becomes more of a long term goal, than a short one. It is only achieved if it is received by those it is designated for. This goal remains both personal and positive as it’s not a goal specifically just for one individual, but collectively for them all. Once achieved, it will produce the desired result, which remains independency. The second would be financial security. This is a short term goal with long term benefits. It is achieved by the ability to worry less about how the next bill is paid, but when. It is only beneficial directly to me, but indirectly to those that might have to otherwise provide the financial support. Yet the ability to achieve this goal pays dividends in long term independence and personal pride. The final goal was to provide my kids with an example of what a stable and healthy relationship looks like. This above any other is most important. It is a lifetime of work that is measured daily. It is something I hold very dear to my heart. The ability to shape the future of my children brings a true sense of pride.
My sub goals would be to remain focus. There are times when it may seem like the ability to achieve your goal is close to impossible, and anything that can happen, often does. The second is to remain consistent. This, in my opinion, is often one of the hardest to do because often anytime you are reaching or approaching a goal, the closer you get there is a natural tendency to become “lazy”. Lastly, would be that you have to believe in yourself. I have learned that if I am to ever accomplish anything in life, achieve any goal that is set, I first have to believe that I am able to do so. There is enough doubt already when you are trying to accomplish anything worthwhile, so you must have enough confidence in yourself to contrast the nay Sayers.
In conclusion, stress both physical and mental, can be diagnosed or seemed to be psychological. It can have a direct affect on a person’s health. It can affect your sleep, which can lead to other ailments, and all as a result of stress. The accomplishment of each of goals goes a long way to eliminate some of these stressors, and ultimately helping you achieve peace of mind.
If this action plan is followed as outlined, the results will speak for themselves. If I remain stress free, I can set a positive example, I will achieve financial freedom, I will show how to achieve and maintain living standards that not only are adequate, but will provide for families for the long term.

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