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Psychological Needs Paper

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Psychological Needs Paper
Everyone has needs. Though each person may want something different, the basic motivation to get that object of want is based on similar principles. We all have basic needs, such as the need of food, water, and sleep. These types of needs are hardwired into our brain, telling us to fulfill them in order to survive. But what of the other needs we experience throughout our life, and the motivation that drives us to accomplish them?
In 1968, an American psychologist named Abraham Maslow developed a model of human motivation. Within this model, Maslow broke down motivation and needs based on several levels, forming a hierarchy of needs. The hierarchy of needs used five levels: Physiological needs, safety needs, belongingness and love needs, esteem needs, and the final level of self-actualization. Maslow believed that people are motivated to satisfy the needs at each level before moving to the next. He surmised that as people move up the hierarchy, they become more motivated to achieve self-actualization, as this would lead to the person’s full potential. From the basic needs of individuals, to the motivation behind each need, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs explains how both biological and psychological needs impact us and our motivation.
On a personal level, Maslow’s hierarchy makes sense. To me, it is easy to grasp the concept that there is a motivator behind my needs as a human being. Without the motivator there, there would be little will power to accomplish a goal that I set. Since we use motivation each day to accomplish tasks, sometimes even subconsciously, I think that I and most people strive to achieve a state of self-actualization on a daily bases. Though we may not realize that we are trying to achieve this state each day, it is important to remember that most individuals wish to achieve fulfillment of their goals, and to do the...

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Psychological Needs Paper

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