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Psychological Report

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Psychological Report

Client: Rex Labis

Age: 20 years old

Status: Single

Purpose for Evaluation: For Psychological Report Evaluation

Test Administered Date Administered

Otis-Lennon School Ability Test November 2012

Differential Aptitude Test November 2012

RSPM December 2012

Edward’s Personal Preference Test December 2012

16 Personality factor December 2012

Test Results

Test Raw Score Percentile Stanine Cluster Analysis

General Mental Abilities 43 45% 5 Average

Verbal Reasoning 19 38% 4 Average

Non Verbal 24 52% 5 Average

RSPM 49 75% High Average

Differential Aptitude Test

Verbal Reasoning 17 21% 3 Below Average

Numerical Reasoning 23 49% 5 Average

Spelling 25 54% 5 Average

Language Usage 15 21% 3 Below Average

Mental Ability

The client can perform moderately based on the test results in task resembling word games that involve using comprehension as well as facilitating language to do things. He can also perform fairly in task that involve solving complex problems without relying on languages like of finding word puzzles and internalizing concepts to draw conclusions. That goes the same in number related practices; he can fairly solve numerical problems and analysis. Although he might have difficulty in using language such as doing a speech he can do quite well in remembering the right spelling of the words that enables him to be effective in writing things down.

Character Impression

The client is a cooperative person he likes to work with someone who can be dependable. He wants to avoid any possible conflict with other parties as a result he’s comment to others become low key to have impact. He is sympathetic, he understands other position and put his self in their shoes, thus he is able to empathize with others feelings. He is a practical person; his judgments are based on result and not with the purpose. Although the client is trusting he may become discreet in sharing some personal information, because of this he may become mysterious or really hard to get to know.

Because the client is not assertive and shy he may have difficulty in stating his views and belief and since he sometimes rely on other people view he may be easily swayed by them. Sometimes he can be very socially inhibited and passive letting others takes decision for him.

He also has a strong built conscience and easily felt guilty. He has the tendency to blame his self at time and take more than his fair share in taking responsibility when something goes wrong. Furthermore the client is not open to change he may become fixated to his daily routine and lost track with a sudden change.


The client being reluctant can always hinder him in doing things he wanted to do. He loves to be with other person but he is not the one who easily opens up. He may look unfriendly because of his timid character but he is actually accommodating and can be a good companion.


In alignment to his chosen carrier in life the client is somewhat compatible with his course since he can rather do well comprehension and word based analysis. Having a well build conscience, being emphatic and having a good comprehension can help him to be successful in his future job. However his timidity and passivity can block him if he will not have the courage to overcome these two problems. He may expose himself more with others and built a higher self confidence and be familiar of interacting with other people, since someday he will meet a lot of different person that is inclined to his work.

In his carrier frequent changes of schedule of time may become usual especially if he engages into research practicing to be flexible is one good way to adjust. The possibility of other courses for him is not low since he scored rather fair in numerical he may be compatible in task like business.

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