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Election Summaries: Ireland 1868-85

The Liberal party won the 1868 general election, with Gladstone as Prime Minister. The main reasons why they won were; Gladstone’s promise to “Pacify Ireland” in his electoral campaigns and the extension of the vote to upper-working class men in 1867. In Ireland the Liberal party gained the most votes with the Nationalist party securing 0 seats. The reasons for this were; the extension of the vote in 1867 and public voting meaning that the Irish people were threatened and intimidated by their landlords into voting for the party of their choice, not the party of their own.

The Conservative party won the 1874 general election, with Disraeli as Prime Minister. The main reasons why they won were; Gladstone’s University bill failing in parliament, people lost faith in him and therefore he resigned. In Ireland, the Nationalist party gained the most votes securing 60 seats. The main reasons for this were; the secret ballot act allowing the Irish people to vote in secret so they were not under the influence of their landlords anymore. Also, people had lost faith in Gladstone in Ireland as well as in Britain.

The Liberal party won the 1880 general election with Gladstone as Prime Minister for a second time. The main reasons why they won were; Gladstone came out of retirement as he was unhappy with Disraeli’s foreign policies, and people were unhappy with Parnell. In Ireland, the Nationalist party, again, gained the most votes, securing 63 seats. The reasons for this were; the nationalist party was becoming more established, well known and was growing rapidly.

The Conservative party won the 1885 general election, with Salisbury as Prime Minister. The main reasons why they won were; they had the support of the IPP and Parnell who told his party members to vote for the conservatives as he knew they had a majority over the liberals in the House of Lords which would be useful if Parnell passed a bill into the HoL. In Ireland, the Nationalist party (for the third time), gained the most votes, and securing 86 seats. The reasons for this were; the vote being extend to farmers and miners so even more than before could vote. Also, Parnell’s campaign with the Irish Parliamentary Party was becoming more influential.

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