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Psycology Study Quiz Ch3

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Question 1 You are studying in your room, but your neighbor is blasting the television in the adjacent room. You request that your neighbor turn the volume down until you cannot hear it at all; effectively, you are asking your neighbor to make the volume less than your ___________.
Answer: absolute threshold

Question 2 The simultaneous distribution of sensory information across different neural pathways is called _____.
Answer: parallel processing

Question 3 Which depth cue accounts for why parallel lines appear to grow closer together the farther away they are?
Answer: Linear perspective

Question 4 Ethel closes her eyes and touches her nose. She can do this because she knows the location of her arm in relation to other body parts. This is an example of which kind of feedback?
Answer: Proprioceptive

Question 5 When you hear a song for the first time you are likely to rely on ___________ processing to process it. When you have heard the song frequently enough that you can easily process the complex arrangement of notes with a single label (e.g. "This is the national anthem"), you are now using __________ processing.
Answer: bottom-up; top-down

Question 6 Which school of thought in perception is best summarized by the statement, "The whole is different than the sum of its parts"?
Answer: Gestalt

Question 7 Match the theories of hearing to their correct descriptions.
Selected Match Place B. Each frequency produces vibrations at a particular spot Frequency C. Perception of frequency depends on how often auditory nerve fires Volley A. Clusters of nerve cells can fire neural impulses in rapid succession

Question 8 Which sense relies on fast pathways to directly communicate sharp, localized sensations to the thalamus?
Answer: Pain

Question 9 As you walk barefoot in...

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