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Psyhcological Effects of Child Abuse


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I have always been curious about behavioral and psychological issues in children as well as in adults. I want to understand why someone acts or reacts the way that they do. However, after some research and experience with those affected, what I have found most intriguing is what's behind the behavior and what causes it. There are many things that can factor into these issues but among these, abuse and neglect are very large contributors. Many studies have been done on the effects child abuse can have. The first study I came across is a study of how violence can affect a child not only when they are young, but also in to adolescence. It is also said that many of the children who witness domestic violence have also experienced some form of child abuse. These events can effect a person's psychosocial outcome so tests were performed to determine to what extent the child was affected. The study was conducted on 457 children/adolescents. According to the Journal of Family Violence, children that were only exposed to domestic violence were more prone to low self esteem, withdrawal, depression and anxiety. Those who were exposed to violence as well as abuse had higher externalizing (acting out against others, including physical aggression, verbal bullying, relational aggression, defiance, theft, and vandalism) and internalizing behaviors( acting out against self, which includes eating too much or too little, feeling depressed, abusing substances and cutting). There were also tests done on children who were exposed to child abuse only, and children in a non-violence group as well as whether or not gender made a difference but the results are mixed and further research needs to be completed. Children exposed to violence and abuse had higher levels of externalizing behavior problems and internalizing behavior problems in adolescence than those who weren't

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