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Pt1420 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Algorithm Essay

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1. Explain what software you used to create your game
To create my game, a software called “Scratch was used. Scratch is a software that is downloadable on most PC’s, people can use this program to share interactive media. This is includes self-made games as well as animations.

2. Explain what an algorithm is
 An algorithm is a process, or a set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer. However, algorithms are used in our day to day life, whether you notice or not. For example; a daily routine, or a cooking recipe.

3. Explain what an if statement is
An if statement is a “block” or a piece of code that when one thing happens, it will do that, but if another happens, it will do something else. For example, when
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Iterations were used so that the code that was added onto the sprite (e.g. if sprite touches….. e.c.t.) was at a constant, so nothing went wrong.

1. Define/State two problems you came up against while creating your game. What did you do to fix these problems?
There were very few major problems that occurred during this process that I found difficult to fix. However, one difficulty was that all the finish lines on my levels were the same colour, causing the program to become confused, and not change properly when I wanted them to, to give the player the next level. To resolve this, I made each finish line on each level a different shade of green, and the levels then changed smoothly. A second problem was that at first the music kept simply giving off a fuzzing sound, nothing more. Not sure what else to do, I simply recreated my whole game and inserted the music again, since only taking out the music and putting it back in did nothing to

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