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Unit 1 True/False Questions
Indicate whether the following statements are true or false on the student answer sheet.

1) At its simplest, a database can be seen as a collection of related data.

2) A delimited file is a file where the length of the file is limited.

3) A delimited file is one in which the data is separated by a character such as a comma.

4) All fixed length files are of the same length.

5) In relational databases, logical design is kept separate from physical design.

6) A hierarchical database is designed with a tree-like structure that resembles a file system.

7) Codd defined the core principles of a relational database in 1970.

8) Data redundancy improves the integrity of a database.

9) In a diagram, crows feet notation conveys more information about the relationships.

10) A primary key uniquely identifies each row in a database table.

11) In a relational database, all data is kept in tables, even the information about the tables.

12) SQL is the language used by relational databases to create objects and to manipulate and retrieve data.

13) An entity is someone who is interested in the database.

14) In a statement of scope, a constraint is a limit on what the database will do.

15) Oracle is a popular relational database management system.

16) A relational database management system does not include tools for backing up and restoring databases.

17) Documentation is not an important part of database development.

18) In a statement of work, the objective section describes how the proposed new database is meant to serve.

19) It is important to document both the design of the database and the process by which it was developed.

20) The most popular database in the last 30 years has been the relational database.…...