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Case Study – Paid Time Off Policies
B6032 Human Resource Management & Talent Development
Courtez Kirkwood
Argosy University

Paid time off is awarded to those that meet the selected criteria. Usually this is by being employed, attendance at work and working over time. Merging two companies with two different PTO policies is a difficult task as ultimately; there must be one newly created policy for all employees to follow. In addition, HR will need to further research each company for information to determine the newly formed paid time off policy once the companies have merged.
Length of Employment * Usually it is important to know how long an employee has been with the company. Paid time off is accumulated over time and the length of an employee at a company can really alter their paid time off. This information is important to make sure paid time off is given fairly but also to protect the company from people who join the company just to receive paid time off.
* Employees work different hours throughout the day, week, month and year. Some employees are required to work 40 hours a week; some are required to work more or less. This information is needed to help define the paid time off policy and help narrow down the qualifications
Employee type * In most companies there are full time employees whom are entitled to all benefits and incentives. There are also outsourced and contractor employees within a company. The different types of employees do not share the same benefits and this is why this information is important to HR. This information also expands to job title, rank and longevity in the company. Some employees work for company longer for other and may have accumulated more paid time over time, where as some employees may require more time off based on their rank such as managers and seniors.
* Overtime…...

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