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Public Health Management

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Public Health Management

Many low-income countries need to significantly scale up coverage of priority health services. This will generally require additional national and international resources, but better leadership and management are key to using these resources effectively to achieve measurable results. Good leadership and management are about providing direction to, and gaining commitment from, partners and staff, facilitating change and achieving better health services through efficient, creative and responsible deployment of people and other resources. While leaders set the strategic vision and mobilize the efforts towards its realization, good managers ensure effective organization and utilization of resources to achieve results and meet the aims. Public health management is really needed in Africa. For active and resourceful nursing management in Africa, competencies are vital. It is important to know the expertise of the managers on these competencies. It is also important to know if there is a gap between what managers think they know and what they really know in regards to skills.

The role of public health for case management is to upkeep early identification of possible circumstances and persons under investigation (PUI) via investigation, mapping communication, awareness activities to healthcare workers and the public. Public health experts can also partake in updating the channeling of PUIs’ likely plus confirmed cases to health care facilities ideal IPC methods can be applied. Affiliated hospitals can also arrange in regard to the cases (“Public health,” 2014).
There are certain features that are vital in public health management. In planning, a vision and precise planning along with evaluating throughout the association is a must. Establishing includes financing, human resources, and information technology. It is also important...

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