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Public Health Role

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Practicum Evaluation

Practicum Evaluation I am lucky and proud to had a wonderful positive and successful practicum experience at Laurie Regional Hospital. I had the opportunity to work with infection control Director Dr Abdul and other team at Laurie Regional Hospital. The scope of my practicum experience have challenged me to applying and analyzing data. The scope of the work was reasonable but challenged me to apply my public health background and utilize my written and oral communication skills. I gained an understanding how hospital acquire infection can affect hospital quality mesures and finances.
I felt very proud to work under the most knowledgeable person Dr Abdul. His insight of infection control and knowledge have enables me to be cautions when given care to patient as a health practitioner. Practicum experience with Dr Abdul have also enables me to make improvement in area of direct communication with various departments in the whole hospital. Even though the limitations of Dr Abdul busy schedule and the nature of my practicum the amount of oversight was sufficient. Practicum experiences have prepared me for the reality of public health practitioner and reinforced my ability to work both independently and in collaboration with others. Practicum experience at Laurie regional Hospital have allowed me to apply health promotion activities such as stress management class, hand infection prevention class, community health fair and reporting communicable disease to health local health department. This experiences have also developed my interpersonal skills and project management skills which make me to be more prepare to enter workforce of public health. Educating staffs at Laurie Regional hospital on hospital acquired infections and ways to prevent spread of infection via brochure,...

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