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High STD rates among adolescents and young adults in Georgia

DRPH8004 - Introduction to the Public Health Profession

Monique Sumner

This learner would like to focus on high Sexual Transmitted Diseases rates in Atlanta, Georgia and have been for a while, especially with the rate increasing among teens. The teen pregnancy rate has dropped in Georgia, yet STD'S rate continues to grow. Why are STD rates in adolescents and young adults so high when there is proper information on prevention and other educational means? The state of Georgia needs to examine the association between adolescents self reported history of STD diagnosis and current sexual risk behaviors, prevention knowledge, attitudes and STD infection status. The proper education and treatments are available but some it is not reaching the most vulnerable communities in Georgia ( National family planning

Georgia must find the sources of inequality that produce health disparities across diverse populations and new ways and methods to make sure that all the prevention tools and educational information arrives in the right communities to help slow the rate of sexually transmitted disease infection among teenagers and young adults. Through proper (public health leaderships (

Good leadership will help improve the health status of not only Georgia's youth but the entire nation through opportunities and programs developed in collaboration with families, communities, schools and other public and private organizations throughout. But it can only work through proper communication and new programs that should:

Consider identifying a person to serve as “youth liaison” to prevention

partners and to help develop and improve

youth services. Reason: sometimes people can only relate to others who are like them or understand the issues of teenagers/young adults.

Programs should facilitate effective partnerships

with agencies and organizations involved

with youth. A governor representative needs to be on board with programs that teach safer sex and not just abstinence. This will take the help of the community and lobbyist.

Programs should focus adolescent screening

efforts on those at highest risk. As a practice all new detainees are screened for STD’s to help the possible spread of STD’s in detention centers and many test positive they need proper education on STD’s once they enter and upon their release.

Programs should train staff to counsel and

educate adolescents. Plain and simply put abstinence is not the answer for everyone, there should be a choice especially for those already sexual active.

Programs should assess barriers for adolescents

in seeking and accessing care.

This public health issue is very important to this learner as a past public health worker for STD/HIV surveillance for the state of Georgia/CDC and hopefully an official one day. This is a real work related public health issue and what this learner spent her days as public health employee doing, trying to educate and teach proper safe healthy sexual habits among our youth.


Kraut-Becher, J. R., Aral, S.O. (2003). Gap Length: An Important Factor in Sexually

Transmitted Disease Transmission. American Sexually Transmitted Diseases 30(3), 221- 225.

Weinstock H, et al. Sexually transmitted diseases among American youth: incidence and

prevalence estimates, 2000. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 2004. National family planning

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