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Public Image and Awareness

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MGT/521 Knowledge Checks

Week 2: Planning 1 Concept: Strategies for SWOT Analyses 1 Concept: Strategic and Operational Plans 2 Concept: Differentiate Between Goals and Plans 2 Concept: Examples of Contingency Factors in Planning 3
Week 3: Organizing 3 Concept: Six Key Elements in Determining Organizational Structure 3 Concept: Mechanistic and Organic Structures 4 Concept: Types of Contemporary Organizational Designs 4 Concept: Types of Internal and External Collaboration 5 Concept: Stages of Group Development 5 Concept: Five Conflict Management Techniques 6 Concept: Six Aspects of Group Structure 6
Week 4: Leading 7 Concept: Early Leadership Theories 7 Concept: Contingency Leadership Theories 8 Concept: Contemporary Leadership Theories 8 Concept: Five Sources of Leader Power 9 Concept: Goals of Organizational Behavior 9 Concept: The Big Five Model 10 Concept: Attribution Theory 10
Week 5: Controlling 11 Concept: Control Process 11 Concept: Feedforward/Concurrent/Feedback Controls 11 Concept: Financial Controls 12 Concept: Balanced Scorecard 12 Concept: Benchmarking 13
Week 6: Business Ethics 13 Concept: Differences Between a Firm’s Social Obligations, Social Responsiveness, and Social Responsibility 13 Concept: Politics: Green Approaches/Shades of Green Model 14 Concept: Factors to Determine Ethical Behavior 14 Concept: Ways Managers Can Encourage Ethical Behavior 15

Week 2: Planning

Ch. 8 of Management
Ch. 9 of Management

Concept: Strategies for SWOT Analyses

|Details |
|As a process of self-examination during her senior year of college, Casey decides to develop a SWOT analysis of her |
|prospects relative to getting a...

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