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Public Policing versus Private Security

Achievement in civic monitoring depends on a successful conglomerate structure which aggressively looks for innovative prospects for partnership opportunities in problem-solving. Public policing and private security are significant schemes of patrolling and safeguarding property and citizens. Both provide identical services and goals like preventing criminality and mayhem, recognizing offenders, and guaranteeing the safety of the general public and assets. When comparing public policing to private security there are several similarities and differences between the two roles. Additionally, public police officers have the authority to enforce laws and protect and serve society while private security officers are paid to protect private property and personnel. The separations of private and public security departments have been can be noted since the boom of private security companies in the early 2000’s and can be seen even before these years as private security has been around since the early 60’s, there are now major corporations dedicated to the private security sector who secure and manage numerous properties all over the countries and in causes such as Wackenhut Security company, all over the world. The developing section of the private security continues to be towards sentries and watch components in the community, shopping complex, isolated neighborhoods, high-rise compound, or financial institutes all have their own private security.

How Does Leadership Differ Between The Two Roles?

Leadership is a vital part in any organizational structure. The leadership structure between both the Public Policing and Private Security is quite similar and not different at all. Both leadership structures have a paramilitary ranking system. Within the public policing ranking system begins with officers, detectives, and...

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