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Public Relation Timeline

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PR History…The American Experience

The field of public relations sure has evolved! Review the public relations timeline below, then seek more information from the text and the web to fill in the blanks and explanations.

Early American Period
-Founding of the Republic
-Use of public opinion, managed communications and persuasion Early American Experience
-Sam Adams – Committees of Correspondence to distribute the news
-Staged Events – Boston Tea Party
-Thomas Paine – wrote persuasive pamphlets The Federalists Papers
-Letters to newspapers 1787-88 by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay
-Pressure group PR campaign to gain acceptance for the Constitution
-Used accurate facts and sound ideas
-“History’s finest public relations job.” –Allen Nevins Antifederalists
-Letters in newspapers criticizing new constitution, urging against ratification
-Concession for Bill of Rights
-Negative name
-Antifederalists went away
-Federalists became a party. Early PR Men in America – 1800s
-John Beckley for Thomas Jefferson
-Amos Kendall for Andrew Jackson. Kendall was first press secretary
-Mathew St. Clair for Davy Crockett Robber Barons and the Muckrakers
-Adversarial PR & Press Relations
-Press Agentry: Provocative act to get publicity and draw attention toward an idea or grievance (P.R. Barnum, 1830s)
-First corporate PR department established by George Westinghouse
-First publicity agency: The Publicity Bureau, Boston, 1900 The Father of PR
-Ivy Ledbetter Lee
-Declaration of Principles - first code of ethics
-Supply prompt and accurate information
-Evolved press agentry into public relations
-Recognized publicity must be supported by good works - “performance determines the publicity”
-1914, appointed adviser to John D. Rockefeller World War I, 1917 – 1919
-Committee on Public Information, 1917, set up...

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