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Public Services - Diversity Issues

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Diversity Issues
Within the public services there is many diversity issues but they try to maintain a diverse workforce which will represent the different communities. By law you aren’t allowed to hire someone for a job based on their gender, race, and religion and if they have disability they should still get a fair chance of getting the job. This is important within the public services because they have to represent communities. This means they have to be fair and hire people from different genders and races. Most people will not be bothered about the gender and race but be more interested in being helped.
When hiring people you have to be fair to everyone so the workplace needs to be accessible for everyone. So if someone is physically disabled then lifts might be installed to help them. This also applies for religions. This is because some religions they are required to pray at certain times or not able to work with specific such as beef. This is where staff unions and associations and federations can help. They can help fund things that will help people in the workplace such as lifts and prayer rooms. They also help workplaces respect peoples beliefs and religions. But this can be a big problem in the public services as they may not be able to rescue people because it is against their religion and the public services must respect their decision.
Equal Opportunities and Anti-discrimination Policies
The policy is all about making sure everyone is treated equally and make sure there is no discrimination within the workplace. It also means someone shouldn’t get the job or promotion based on their gender, race or religion.
* Everyone gets a fair chance of getting a job or promotion * No racism and discrimination will be in the workplace * People in the workplace will respect and support each more and this could lead to more work being...

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