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1. Becoming a Public Speaker 2. From A to Z: Overview of a Speech 3. Managing Speech Anxiety 4. Ethical Public Speaking 5. Listeners and Speakers

2 8 1 4 23 30

6. Analyzing the Audience 7. Selecting a Topic and Purpose 8. Developing Supporting Material 9. Locating Supporting Material 10. Doing Effective Internet Research 1 Citing Sources in Your Speech 1.

37 49 57 64 73 83

1 Organizing the Speech 2. 1 Selecting an Organizational Pattern 3. 1 Outlining the Speech 4.

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15. Developing the Introduction and Conclusion 16. Using Language

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1 Choosing a Method of Delivery 7. 18. Controlling the Voice 19. Using the Body

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20. Types of Presentation Aids 21. Designing Presentation Aids 22. A Brief Guide to Microsoft PowerPoint

155 161 164

23. Informative Speaking 24. Persuasive Speaking 25. Speaking on Special Occasions

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1 75 188 21 7

26. Typical Classroom Presentation Formats 27. Science and Mathematics Courses 28. Technical Courses 29. Social Science Courses 30. Arts and Humanities Courses 31. Education Courses 32. Nursing and Allied Health Courses 33. Business Courses and Business Presentations 34. Presenting in Teams 35. Communicating in Groups 231 236 240 243 246 248 25 1 253 258 262

A. Citation Guidelines B. Question-and-Answer Sessions C. Preparing for Mediated Communication D. Tips for Non-Native Speakers of English Glossary Notes Index

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A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking
Getting Started
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Starting, Finishing, and Styling


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Communication them move up the ladder. Speeches are a very good way to improve your communication skills; it forces you to face your fears of speaking and ultimately improves your speaking. Speeches have never been my favorite assignment do to in class. I am a shy person and talking in front a group of people is a little nerve-racking. I am a great communicator when I am talking to my friends or family, but talking in front of a group of people is much harder. My parents say I mumble and I believe I mumble to. That is an issue I need to work on, and will only be fixed if I talk more. I also do not like reading work that I have done. I will gladly give a speech that was not written by me. I believe other people would describe me a good communicator even though I have never asked somebody if I am a good communicator. People get what I have to say so that is why I think I am a good communicator. I have never done public speaking only a few speeches in high school. I did not get good grades on those speeches in high school because I did not do enough research and did not pick topics that I knew. I hope I can improve my speeches a lot this semester. The biggest goal I would like to accomplish this semester is public speaking apprehension. I would like to eliminate or greatly reduce my apprehension. I will do this by the ideas listed in the book. The way that I think will help me the most is skills training. I believe being absolutely prepared for a speech will reduce my......

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...being too quiet so the chances of me meeting new people are very slim. The sad thing is that I love to meet new people because having friends is great, but I am just so bad at making small talk. I have only performed one speech in my whole life and it made me very nervous. My speeches are always prepared well in advance and are very well organized, but I have a very hard time doing the things that I have planned to do during the speech, such as hand gestures and eye contact. I definitely need to work on my writing skills as well as my speaking skills. My first goal that I hope to accomplish this year is to better prepare myself for class/speeches. I hope to accomplish this goal by the end of the year so preparing for my speeches will become a habit and will help me to calm down before giving a speech. Right before I begin my speech my hands start to get really sweaty and I get the shakes, so I plan on trying some of the exercises that the book suggests that we do. Some of the exercises that systematic desensitization includes are: taking deep breaths,...

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...LESSONS LEARNT - KING’S SPEECH On Jun 16, 2015, Prof. J Bhatnagar showed the movie ‘King’s Speech’ in the class as part of case study. The film is based on the true story of Prince Albert’s struggle to overcome his public speaking challenges. Not only does he have a stammer in his voice, but like most people, he fears public speaking. The movie is both an entertaining, and very real depiction of the struggles most people face regarding the challenges of public speaking – not because of the King’s stammer, but because of the fear he experiences, and the steps he takes to overcome. At the end of the movie, the class was given an assignment to identify the learnings in the said movie. Based on my understanding of the movie, the learnings and the concepts that featured in the movie are covered in succeeding paragraphs. 1. The importance of the "Informal" or ‘Humour Element’ in Learning. Lionel, the speech therapist, really insists on a first name basis for their teacher - student relationship. He insists on calling the king, "Bertie". Moreover, he stresses informality and humor in the teaching environment. This is so important a concept for learning and dynamic relationship between student and teacher. Research also suggests that using a student's name during instruction can alone, raise scores and help learning, as opposed to no name being used. 2. Credentials are over valued. There is a scene at the end of the movie where the king is angry/overcome upon learning......

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...A Short Guide to Effective Public Speaking by Stephen D Boyd, PhD, CSP Delivering an effective presentation to 20 or to 200 people is difficult. Because listeners have better access to information since the internet became commonplace, audiences expect more content from speakers today. In addition, because of the entertainment slant of most media today, audiences want a presentation delivered with animation, humor, and pizzazz. If you would rather spend your time preparing your content than reading a book on public speaking, this is an article especially for you! From my experiences in delivering over l500 speeches during the past 20 years, here is a quick guide to giving an effective and interesting presentation your very first time. Begin with something to get the attention of the audience This might be a startling statement, statistic, or your own story. Listeners pay close attention when a person begins with, “Two weeks ago as I was driving to work a car pulled out in front of me….” You could begin with a current event: “You might have read in the paper this morning about the flood that….” A question is another way to make people listen. “How many of you feel our society spends too much on medical care?” might be a way to begin a presentation about curbing costs. Whatever technique you use, when you grab the attention of the audience you are on your way to a successful speech. Second, be energetic in delivery Speak with variety in your voice. Slow down for a......

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...COM 225: Public Speaking ASU Fall 2013 • T/Th 4:30-5:45 PM • SL #70374 Instructor: Dr. Karen Stewart Office: Stauffer Hall 220 E-mail: Office Hours: Monday and Tuesday 1:30-3:00pm Phone: 480-965-5095 (HDSHC main office) and by appointment WELCOME TO COM 225! The purpose of this course is to enable you to better understand theories and practices of public speaking. This course is designed to improve not only your delivery techniques but also your speech-writing and persuasion abilities. Additionally, this course is arranged to develop the skills necessary for you to critically evaluate both written and spoken speeches of others and to enter the public dialogue on issues that are important to you and your life. I am confident there is much to gain from the study of public speaking. The skills developed by engaging in this course work have practical applications in each of your lives. Although your participation may take place in various forms and environments, each of you will inevitably face the task of delivering, constructing, or consuming speeches. Developing your public speaking skills will prepare you for school or work presentations, job interviews, political campaigns, community meetings, and many other situations as well. BENEFITS OF THIS COURSE The objectives of this course are to: • Improve your speech delivery • Understand the ability to create effective speeches • Improve your......

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