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Public Speaking Rhetorical Anaylsis by Quay

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What is “Glossophobia?” According to dictionary it is the fear of public speaking. Public speaking is a common fear that plagues most, some cases more severe than others. However, you never really know how serious the issue is until it is time to get up and deliver that speech to the crowd. Bruna Martinuzzi’s article “11 Easy Ways to Finally Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking” attempts to eradicate the source of tension caused by the fear of addressing a crowd, while Nick Morgan’s, “Bad Rules Never Seem to Die: the Five Worst Rules of Public Speaking” dispels the typical remedies and advice for uneasiness. Through rhetorical strategies such as the use of common ground, credible support, and structure Martinuzzi approaches the topic with the intention to aid the fear-stricken while Morgan utilizes bias and tone to tell his audience why all other information on the subject is invalid.
In the article ’11 Easy Ways to Finally Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking” the author says the best way in attempting to manage your fear is to first understand what is causing it. Martinuzzi goes deep into talking saying “understanding that our brain can not tell the difference between a real threat (a pack of wolves about to attack you) and an imagined threat (a group of your peers watching you present) is the first step to overcoming the fear. She uses Berkun as a as a reference to back up her explanation of the root of fear. This helps you know that she has references to helping you understand your fear of public speaking. Martinuzzi also uses “flight or fight” fear response to relate to the fear of public speaking. This refers to a psychological response, which provides you with information that she knows something about how the brain functions while responding to fear. But me personally from my experience of public speaking, I believe the information that Martinuzzi…...

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