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Pumphouse Bar & Grill

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The Pumphouse Bar & Grill
Session 4 – Final Observation Paper
Cheryl Barthuly
ENG102 English Composition
October 19, 2011
Professor Bennett

The Pumphouse Bar & Grill

The Pumphouse Bar & Grill came very highly recommended, and I was anxious to see what makes this pub so popular. A friend suggested the pub as a meeting place for lunch but warned it can get busy as it is in the heart of Bellevue’s business center. From the outside, the building is white and plain looking, blending into the surrounding scenery with no indication of its true character. The building is comprised of two restaurants a pub, which is located on the west side, and a Chinese restaurant located on the east side. It appears tiny in size, as does the parking area. There is beautiful green ivy intertwined on white lattice leading up to the front of the building. This ivy wall conceals a small, enclosed outside seating area for when the weather is nice. I then round the corner and a big, bright red door is waiting to welcome all who enter.
The atmosphere inside is a drastic contrast to the outside. The walls vibrate with life! There is a line waiting just inside the door and the place is completely packed. There is so much chatter. One cannot detect a single conversation from another as they all blend as one massive, noisy conversation. As I entered, a polite young woman explained it would be a moment before a table is ready. The interior is huge, which is very deceiving from the exterior. Lighting is moderate yet comfortable and bright enough to read a menu and to see others easily. The back wall is comprised of the kitchen and a massive, beautiful wood bar. Not one bar stool is empty as it seats roughly 15 patrons. The pub is famous for its great burgers and what a better accompaniment then one of the 18 different brews on tap. The walls are a beautiful dark, rich wood with only a few small windows. Scattered throughout on the walls are various sport memorabilia.

The Pumphouse Bar & Grill Domestic Brews

As I am waiting for a table to clear, the kitchen just a few feet in front of me, I watch as three cooks busily rush around in the kitchen, filling the orders as soon as they appear. They chat back and forth, laughing with ease at something one of them said, very relaxed as they go about cooking for the busy working crowd. The mouthwatering aromas instantly make my stomach growl as I am waiting. A French dip is finished and awaiting delivery to a hungry customer. The onions and green peppers hang in the air as the server walks past, causing my mouth to water excessively. A trace of oil lingers in the air as fries are cooking, I can hear the sounds of the beef as it is searing on the grill. The aroma drifting out towards the customers is heavenly to my senses. This is when I realize just how hungry I truly am!
My table is ready and I follow the young woman to the other side of the pub, order an ice tea, and take in the scene before me as I await the arrival of my friend. There are large flat screen televisions lining the walls, one in every corner as well as other strategic locations allowing every patron to see a screen. The volume is off, yet every television is displaying Sport Center or a college football game. There is lively, upbeat music playing in the background, causing my foot to tap along with the beat against my will. The atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable even though the place is a mad house of activity with servers rushing back and forth, taking orders, getting drinks, ensuring the lunch crowd makes it back to work on time. Servers were scurrying around the pub; you can see the haste in their eyes, but each one had an eager smile and a willingness to please was apparent in their warm, friendly manner.
There is a very large group of people gathered, obviously a work function for a special occasion, as there are gifts and cards on the table before the honoree. The mood is a happy one with lots of laughter and joking. There is an array of patrons in the pub, the majority was business professionals, taking a few moments out of their busy day to get away from the office. However, the conversations surrounding me centered on the business matters awaiting them when they returned to their busy workday. Some patrons seat alone, eating, texting on their phones or just observing the others in the establishment, while others were an odd mixture of old and young, men and women, conversing and laughing. There was one particular man sitting alone, eating his meal, and not displaying any particular mood. He did not seem happy or sad, just looked at his plate, ate his food, and left when done. For some reason I felt a little sad for him as there was a sense of loneliness that surrounded him. He seemed out of place of sorts as all the others were engaged in conversation and activities with others.
My friend arrived; we ordered our meal, and visited among ourselves as we enjoyed a late lunch that went well into the afternoon. Our time went far too quickly; however, I could not help but notice that for a time, as people left, others came in to replace them. Little by little, the patrons went back to work and the roaring chatter that was once present had diminished to a slight grumble. A few small groups were still enjoying their lunches; their conversations muffled, as they engage with one another.
The afternoon had ended and lunch was over some time ago, yet there I sat, not wanting to depart the lively, comfortable establishment. My mood was elated as I walked out into the bright afternoon sun, not wanting this lovely afternoon to come to end but knowing there will be others like it. There will be other meals and spirits shared within these walls. This will not be the one and only time, I step over the threshold of the Pumphouse Bar & Grill.

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