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There are many reasons that being to work on time is important, both in the civilian world as well as in the military. For civilians and military alike, being to work on time shows responsibility and it also shows that you care about your job. It also shows that you are committed to your job and to those you work with as well as you diligence and dependability as a worker. Arriving to work in a timely manner show your co-workers as well as your boss that you care, and they, as well as your job, are important to you. Being late for work has many negative impacts on the workplace. Being late forces others to pick up any slack that there is that you should have been doing had you shown up on time. This may cause other worker to be less productive due to a lack of motivation and demoralization. This can set other things behind and disrupt daily activities for a smooth work environment. It also gives the impression that the worker who has failed to show up to work on time doesn’t think his job is very important. Your boss may see your tardiness as a lack of motivation to progress in your occupation and pass over when the time comes for promotion. Motivation is very important because it shows that you want to be in your workplace and you have the drive necessary to progress.
Also, on the military side, soldiers can face negative actions under article 86 of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice. This can lead to forfeiture of pay and even separation from the military. Adding to that, being late while you are in a combat situation can lead to missions being pushed back or even injury and death of other soldiers of your unit.
The negative consequences on the civilian side are just as bad. You can be charged vacation/ sick days and even be fired for neglecting to be to work in a timely manner. Being late may also cause undue stress due to the fact that you would have...

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